off1 [ôf, äf]
[LME var. of of,OF1, later generalized for all occurrences of of in stressed positions]
1. so as to be or keep away, at a distance, to a side, etc. [to move off, to ward off]
2. so as to be measured, divided, etc. [to pace off, to mark off]
3. so as to be no longer on, attached, united, covering, in contact, etc. [take off your hat, the paint wore off]
4. (a specified distance) away:
a) in space [a town ten miles off]
b) in time [a date two weeks off]
a) so as to be no longer in operation, function, continuance, etc. [turn the motor off]
b) to the point of completion, extinction, or exhaustion [drink it off]
6. so as to be less, smaller, fewer, etc. [to allow 5% off for cash]
7. so as to lose consciousness [to doze off]
8. away from one's work or usual activity [to take a week off]
1. (so as to be) no longer (or not) on, attached to, united with, covering, in contact with, etc. [it blew off the desk; a car went off the road]
2. away from but not far from [to live off campus, anchored off the lee shore]
a) from the substance of; on [to live off an inheritance]
b) at the expense of
4. coming or branching out from [an alley off Main Street]
5. free or relieved from [off duty]
6. not up to the usual level, standard, etc. of [off one's game]
7. less than; taken from [25% off the regular price]
8. Informal no longer using, engaging in, supporting, etc.; abstaining from [to be off liquor]
9. Informal from [I bought it off a friend]: Off as a preposition is often used, chiefly in informal speech, with of; however, this idiomatic expression is generally avoided by careful speakers and writers
1. not on, attached, united, etc. [his hat is off]
2. not in operation, function, continuance, etc. [the motor is off]
3. gone away; on the way [be off to bed]
a) less, smaller, fewer, etc. [sales are off]
b) lower in value
5. away from work, etc.; absent [the maid is off today]
6. not up to what is usual, normal, standard, etc. [an off day]
7. more remote; further [on the off chance, the off side]
8. on the right side, facing forward: said of an animal in double harness, a wagon wheel, etc.: opposed to NEAR
9. in (specified) circumstances [to be well off]
10. not correct; in error; wrong [his figures are off]
11. Informal not quite normal in thinking, behavior, etc.; mildly eccentric
12. Cricket designating the side of the field facing the batsman
1. the fact or condition of being off [turn the switch from off to on]
2. Cricket the off side
Slang to kill; murder
go away; stay away: Off is also used in various idiomatic expressions, many of which are entered in this dictionary under the key words
off and on
now and then; intermittently
off with!
put off! take off! remove!
off with you!
go away! depart!
1. offered
2. office
3. officer
4. official

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